Learning new things, in the beginning, is always hard. Folks feel so overwhelmed, given the amount of information they are being bombarded with. And ironically, this is where consumers often lose interest. Talk to anyone today and you will find that pretty much everyone has their own social media account they like to call home. And nearly a billion worldwide consumers have chosen to set up shop with Instagram.

If you are not there yet, start now. It only takes a few minutes to set up your first Instagram account. You’ll do this with your smart mobile device. One of the most popular features it has is the camera. Now is the time to use it at will. While setting up your Instagram platform, you’ll already be publishing your first pictures. But make them stick. Setting up a presence on Instagram as a newcomer takes some doing.

As it is with learning new tricks of the trade, persistence always pays off. Never mind if you do not yet have a clear strategy, not sure what theme you’d like to draw your first batch of followers in with. Continue practising with your new platform and you’ll soon be inspired with a first strategy that helps you to develop an enduring brand. It is akin to the aspirant writer finding his voice or métier. Over time, your writing will improve and the quality of your photos will improve, and you will grow Instagram followers as naturally as the first beanstalks sprouting flowers.

It is always going to be something of a formidable game changer for you at this stage, but you too can learn to be an influence on Instagram, rather than always being influenced by what others say or do. It is in keeping with creating an original voice and presenting something unique to a future target market, something not easy to do in this highly competitive environment that is social media marketing.

From the get-go, become accustomed to being an influence peddler, but of course always mindful of never rubbing up to people in the wrong way. You are also within your rights to remain selective. Learn when will be the most appropriate time to turn on notifications and also when to turn them off. It is your Instagram account for crying out loud. Have your say when and how. Keep track of your regular posts and respond consistently and on time to anything pertinent being said about your presentations.

Learn to be the first to respond to what others are saying or doing. Show them that you care and you are always wide awake and in tune with what’s happening around you. While you can have your say, it is always your right, you’re going to need to learn to respect your audience. And if you find the going hard at times, not yet able to reach out, you can buy new followers and politely inform them why you’d like them to be part of your family.

It looks as though social media is here to say. This late into the twenty-first century, they have yet to discover a more effective marketing tool for a majority of small business developers. If they are not developers by now, they are already practitioners. Congratulations are in order to all those who have come this far. It is an exciting time to be a free agent. And yet it is still quite dangerous and difficult. Small business practitioners and developers have no choice but to put their trust and faith in other agents.

What choice do they have otherwise? It could be a case of sink or swim. Fortunately, the choice of tools they have at their disposal right now has yet to fail them. For goodness’s sake, when last did you ever hear, see or experience the occurrence of the proverbial glitch. And if you found yourself offline through no fault of your own, it was usually due to the agent you are working with having to necessitate maintenance procedures.

It is no different from any other physical environment. And yet this environment moves so much quicker than any other that it has come to replace. Replacement seems to be the apt word to choose because the new tools at your disposal now allow you to stay afloat in your business indefinitely. But it is still a matter of choosing the right tools or materials. Compare this to the town you live in. Go to a dilapidated mall, so quiet and almost ghostlike and you are setting yourself up for failure.

A recipe for disaster if you take up the perceptively cheaper than a usual rental option. It is perceptive because it is hardly the case. You think you are about to score with a low rental that you think you can afford but it ends up costing you your livelihood. Hardworking, determined entrepreneurs have recognized the value of going all in with the glossier options where mall traffic in numbers is pretty much guaranteed.

No amount of paperwork is necessary to prove the point. All new entrepreneurs see is the proof in numbers. And it is left up to them to make the numbers work in their favor. For goodness’s sake, you did not expect to be spoon-fed, now did you. Nevertheless, the tools work in your favour. It was mentioned earlier; it is rare that a glitch occurs. Rare, if ever. So it goes with Instagram, a leading social media platform, the preferred destination of millions of consumers and determined small business developers.

No-one notices when you are buying followers on Instagram. All they notice is that you have high visibility ratios, and that’s quite important. Equate this to your busy Saturday morning shopping mall and the resultant receipts you should generate. But the work is still cut out for you. You still need to work on your brand, making it stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Here is a short account on how you can grow your Instagram following in a cohesive manner. This account of growing followers on Instagram is more motivational than informational. While giving you the encouragement you will need going forward, this article should serve as a neat and relaxing introduction to the more formal and technical guidelines on growing your following conventionally and innovatively.

Be innovative, read and be creative. Liberal use of hashtags can be of value too, particularly if a direct and brash approach is needed to capture the attention and imagination of your audience with the object of the exercise being to draw them closer to your products and/or services in a subtle or deceptive ‘by the way’ manner. Your attention is being drawn to the popular space of Instagram and YouTube blogs for one very good reason, perhaps two.

These social media platforms remain two of the leading platforms in the world where a majority of social media users spend their time. And you are encouraged to link with others as well, within reason. At the time of writing, Instagram was hovering close to the billion mark. Another reason for staying consistently active with Instagram and/or YouTube is because these platforms are truly interactive.

The interactive nature of these platforms free you up from being restrictive in the type of posts you wish to compose. And my posts, read lots of videos and photos. You can also learn how to compose relevant word phrases that tie in exactly with your visual presentations. Earlier, mention was made of utilizing technical guides on how you can draw in new followers, capture them, enrapture them and keep them.

One important technical aspect never to be forgotten is the effective use of algorithms. In time, you can learn how to exploit the search engine’s criteria through the slick composition of your words. Doing so with your photos is a little more complex, but to continue giving you the encouragement you need, this you can learn too.

Three key ingredients will continue to inform your work. Do research and development work to get to know your audience well. Learn how to engage with them. In other words, do the conventional sales pitch by giving consumers what they want. Now, perhaps you know this, but some of the most brilliant minded entrepreneurs out there, the very same innovators and inventors that gave you your Instagram and YouTube, have gone on to create the gems that no-one would have dreamed of acquiring. This is something that will take time in mastering.

But do the basics well first. And if you need a head start to realize early sales targets, you can buy your followers through relevant service providers closely associated with your relevant social media brands. Finally, practice always makes perfect. Spend enough time practising creating great content that captivates, always utilizing available tools. Not only do you increase your social media following, you retain it.

I’ve been a behind the scenes sort of guy, preferring to quietly carry on with my work without much bother to others. But if I’m this quiet, how are others to know I even exist. Not quite a case of going back to the drawing board, perhaps but still very much a case of taking time out in learning how others managed to get it right. Finding answers to the nagging questions on just how they managed to have so many followers on their platform and fetch so many likes against their daily offering of tagged photos.

When you tag your posts you end up joining the crowd. So out the window goes my quiet habit of solitude. Numerous leading brands, famous celebrities, politicians, especially the ones we all love to hate, and influence peddlers of note are all in on the act. The cat is being let out of the bag, dear readers. The secret is out. See these famous folks as ordinary men and women just like you. They are no deities and at no one time are their pies in the sky.

There have been times when these famous folks’ stats started to flag if you pardon the phrase. So, you say, you hardly noticed. They’re still that much more popular than everyone else. How was this possible? Quietly behind the scenes, with the rest of us being none the wiser, their little foot soldiers went on a little shopping spree to buy followers and likes. You squirm? No, it’s true, and you can do it too.

At the time of writing, still, no rulebook has been written that says you may not. So, if you need to give your modest little business or cause a head start and that much attention that you feel it needs, this is what you do. While the herd mentality prevails and others are running for the hills, selling their stock options, the most successful investors are shouting out aloud to; buy! These are your industry and brand leaders we are talking about.

Just why do they do it? And don’t believe that they’ve chosen to take the easy way out, or in this case, the easy way in. They’ve all done their R & D. They call it research and development. You do this too. One of the single most important things they’ve been studying is how we perceive each other.

They have grasped one of the cores of our innate human nature. Perception-wise, people have a tendency to focus on the numbers. But even so, and I believe this; quality still trumps quantity. And that, dear readers, takes time to develop. I’m not the leader of the pack, not by any stretch of the imagination, but what gave me a good lead among my peers was persistence. I was prepared to practice well the effective management of my social media platform, always treating it as my bread and butter.

If you remember your earliest grammar lessons at school, you may recall that it was sometimes arduous and actually quite boring. Correct grammar usage was, of course, quite important. But what could have been ingratiating was the correct use of all those cursors. You learned these, where to place them at the appropriate time and in the appropriate line, by rote. That means you had to learn all these symbols off by heart.

In keeping with human nature, however, how quickly you forgot those lessons. Fortunately, you now have the benefit of software tools that help you out with your grammar and spell checks. What a refreshing way to memorize things because unless you deliberately prompt the system to never, ever do this again, you are always reminded. With so many things to remember this late in the twenty-first century, it’s quite understandable to lose control of those seemingly insignificant symbols.

The software grammar book if you will is available on your Instagram account too, so use it at will. It will always stand you in good stead. Now, there is one symbol you are never likely to forget and don’t you dare. You see it every day on your Instagram dashboard and you see it scattered across other networks as well. It’s the iconic hashtag and it’s there for a reason. Once you are able to buy active Instagram followers your next aim should be to always keep them, hold them close to your breast as if they are your precious little darlings.

Actually, they are more like your treasures. While using the hashtag as often as you can, create relevance and coincidental occurrences for your viewers. This will mean that while you have your followers, you will have to actively engage with what they are doing. Using some research, you tag your posts to something close to what a majority of users are already publishing or forwarding. But you’ll be doing it in a tasteful manner in the sense that you will not be raiding accounts with irrelevant and off the point posts.

If talk happens to be about the latest roadside diner in town and you just happen to be running a hot dog stand of your own, then you’re well positioned and well within your rights to tag along if you will. But don’t pester active users with how you spent the morning with your dearly beloved tattered little teddy bear. For that, there’s a separate forum on other social media accounts and on Instagram to boot as well.

Speaking of which, while Instagram remains one of the leading social media sites in the world today, you’ll still want to broaden your horizons as far as possible by spending time on other accounts as well. Using your hashtag, with relevance, you’ll find it much easier to link up with coincidental and likeminded events within seconds instead of having to scan wide of your site for relevancy.