Knowing Your Audience Well Is Key To Success With Instagram & YouTube blogs

Here is a short account on how you can grow your Instagram following in a cohesive manner. This account of growing followers on Instagram is more motivational than informational. While giving you the encouragement you will need going forward, this article should serve as a neat and relaxing introduction to the more formal and technical guidelines on growing your following conventionally and innovatively.

Be innovative, read and be creative. Liberal use of hashtags can be of value too, particularly if a direct and brash approach is needed to capture the attention and imagination of your audience with the object of the exercise being to draw them closer to your products and/or services in a subtle or deceptive ‘by the way’ manner. Your attention is being drawn to the popular space of Instagram and YouTube blogs for one very good reason, perhaps two.

These social media platforms remain two of the leading platforms in the world where a majority of social media users spend their time. And you are encouraged to link with others as well, within reason. At the time of writing, Instagram was hovering close to the billion mark. Another reason for staying consistently active with Instagram and/or YouTube is because these platforms are truly interactive.

The interactive nature of these platforms free you up from being restrictive in the type of posts you wish to compose. And my posts, read lots of videos and photos. You can also learn how to compose relevant word phrases that tie in exactly with your visual presentations. Earlier, mention was made of utilizing technical guides on how you can draw in new followers, capture them, enrapture them and keep them.

One important technical aspect never to be forgotten is the effective use of algorithms. In time, you can learn how to exploit the search engine’s criteria through the slick composition of your words. Doing so with your photos is a little more complex, but to continue giving you the encouragement you need, this you can learn too.

Three key ingredients will continue to inform your work. Do research and development work to get to know your audience well. Learn how to engage with them. In other words, do the conventional sales pitch by giving consumers what they want. Now, perhaps you know this, but some of the most brilliant minded entrepreneurs out there, the very same innovators and inventors that gave you your Instagram and YouTube, have gone on to create the gems that no-one would have dreamed of acquiring. This is something that will take time in mastering.

But do the basics well first. And if you need a head start to realize early sales targets, you can buy your followers through relevant service providers closely associated with your relevant social media brands. Finally, practice always makes perfect. Spend enough time practising creating great content that captivates, always utilizing available tools. Not only do you increase your social media following, you retain it.