Sometimes, The Herd Mentality Isn’t All Bad, Or Is It A Case Of Following The Leaders

I’ve been a behind the scenes sort of guy, preferring to quietly carry on with my work without much bother to others. But if I’m this quiet, how are others to know I even exist. Not quite a case of going back to the drawing board, perhaps but still very much a case of taking time out in learning how others managed to get it right. Finding answers to the nagging questions on just how they managed to have so many followers on their platform and fetch so many likes against their daily offering of tagged photos.

When you tag your posts you end up joining the crowd. So out the window goes my quiet habit of solitude. Numerous leading brands, famous celebrities, politicians, especially the ones we all love to hate, and influence peddlers of note are all in on the act. The cat is being let out of the bag, dear readers. The secret is out. See these famous folks as ordinary men and women just like you. They are no deities and at no one time are their pies in the sky.

There have been times when these famous folks’ stats started to flag if you pardon the phrase. So, you say, you hardly noticed. They’re still that much more popular than everyone else. How was this possible? Quietly behind the scenes, with the rest of us being none the wiser, their little foot soldiers went on a little shopping spree to buy followers and likes. You squirm? No, it’s true, and you can do it too.

At the time of writing, still, no rulebook has been written that says you may not. So, if you need to give your modest little business or cause a head start and that much attention that you feel it needs, this is what you do. While the herd mentality prevails and others are running for the hills, selling their stock options, the most successful investors are shouting out aloud to; buy! These are your industry and brand leaders we are talking about.

Just why do they do it? And don’t believe that they’ve chosen to take the easy way out, or in this case, the easy way in. They’ve all done their R & D. They call it research and development. You do this too. One of the single most important things they’ve been studying is how we perceive each other.

They have grasped one of the cores of our innate human nature. Perception-wise, people have a tendency to focus on the numbers. But even so, and I believe this; quality still trumps quantity. And that, dear readers, takes time to develop. I’m not the leader of the pack, not by any stretch of the imagination, but what gave me a good lead among my peers was persistence. I was prepared to practice well the effective management of my social media platform, always treating it as my bread and butter.